We are kiwi jugglers who have been involved with the NZ juggling scene since 1993.

In 2005 we found there were no longer any places in NZ to get replacement professional-grade juggling balls so imported a small quantity of Absolute 125gm balls for ourselves and our friends...the word spread like lightning that real balls were available again and we were getting requests for juggling props from people we'd never heard of and so within a few months, Fling Juggling was born.
Over the years we've increased our range, initially supplying only the top-of-the-range professional juggling equipment but gradually introducing mid-range and budget items as demand has increased.

In 2006 we sponsored the annual NZ Juggling Convention for the first time and we've increased our support every year since.
In 2012 we continue our involvement with all levels of juggling and circus in NZ and previous customers include CircoArts (NZ's circus school at Christchurch Polytechnic), the Wellington Circus Trust, the World Busker's Festival, the Northland Community Circus Network, Circus Aotearoa, Zirca Circus, Cirque du Soleil, corporates from NZX through to 42 below, T.V and movie creators, schools and colleges throughout NZ and jugglers from professionals to absolute beginners.

We still have a great enthusiasm for juggling and the juggling community and we pride ourselves on only stocking juggling equipment made by the premier specialist juggling equipment manufacturers (as opposed to "toy" makers).

We use all of the items we stock and our involvement within the juggling community provides us with constant feedback about our products and keeps us on the ball! 

Here's an article in The Press about our balls; http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/4563655/Kiwi-only-balls-for-juggling-acts